Leschea - Host

Talk show host and radio personality Leschea was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She attended NYC Technical College and is a former singer, songwriter and recording artist, releasing one solo album, “Rhythm & Beats” in 1997 on Warner Bros. Records.

The two accompanying singles/videos (“How We Stay” and “Fulton St.”) received significant airplay in the Northeast as well as abroad.   She was also a member of the Hip Hop Collective Masta Ace Incorporated and toured extensively in the mid-late 90s. Leschea has worked as a stylist and her interests include gourmet cooking, fashion and event planning.

She has been developing her show for the past 3 years and is building her viewer base from the ground up through her Periscope and FacebookLive broadcasts which started in 2016. Her unique personality, brutally honest delivery and hilarious analysis of current events in entertainment are a must watch!

Jayeff aka Shug White- Co-Host

Throughout his five decades of life Jay-Ef has carried many titles: author, businessman, Battle and Tour DJ, hip hop label owner and convicted Criminal. Seldom at a loss for words, his off-color and unique (arguably ridiculous) takes and opinions on the sometimes ratchet world of entertainment are based on his experiences as a “white” man with a “black” point of view.